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Tips for Coping During Coronavirus Lockdown

We all have levels of anxiety at any time and have the ability to cope with this. However, at times anxiety can overwhelm us and this is when we our mental health can be troublesome. In these uncertain times during the Coronavirus lockdown, I recommend that you take the following steps;
1. Take each day at a time. Live in the moment so plan what you are going to do today.
2. Only look at the news once or twice a day, and use a reliable source for news such as BBC Breakfast or the Government daily news conference. I am sure you are trying to find reassurance in this uncertainty, but I guarantee you will not find it, in fact it will just increase your anxiety. Looking at the news on first waking or when you are about to go to bed are not good times of day.
3. Try and work out a routine for your week and keep it realistic and manageable. Ask yourself if your routine has these elements in it; does it have a daily task? How am I going to spend my hourly daily exercise? What brings me joy? What helps me relax and self soothe? And most importantly, who am I going to connect with today amongst my family and friends and whom may benefit from hearing from me? On Zoom, Skype or House Party you can join as groups, so bring along your cup of tea, or glass of wine and enjoy a drink together.
4. It is probably a long time since you have had this length of time to pause and reflect. Your priorities may have changed as a result of these restrictions so plan your hoped-for future with these new priorities in mind.
5. If you are in lockdown alone, bring the sense of other people into your home by listening to the radio & podcasts. Make use of the free three month on audio books books available from Amazon.
6. If you are in lockdown with someone where your relationship is strained, try and give yourself some space. Leave your anger, frustration and annoyance for another time, you need to look after yourself right now.
We are still working with our clients, and new clients too, through Skype, Zoom or telephone consultations. So please get in touch if you need to talk in a safe, nurturing and non-judgmental environment.

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